IMMERSION - This program is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in yoga practice, theory and story, explore experiential anatomy and bring aspects of ecology, ayurveda and chanting into their yoga asana, pranayama and meditation study. You do not have to want to be a teacher but you must be willing to see teaching as a metaphor for practice and be OK with assignments that support teaching explorations.

You do not need to follow the mentorship program or complete the practicum project, even though it is strongly encouraged for you to do so as it will enhance every aspect of your program integration. You will be expected to do homework and follow home practice suggestions, but you will not need to do the anatomy or philosophy presentations unless you would like to! These are fun assignments.

If you do not complete the mentorship program and the assisting/observing requirements during the 6 months of the core course, this cannot be done at another time as communication between mentor and faculty is an important way that we evaluate how the course is being integrated by you. Without mentorship requirement completed, you will receive a letter of completion rather than a full teaching certificate.

We do not want to discourage those who see this program as an immersion rather than a vehicle to begin teaching yoga. It is very enriching for all of us to have those in the program who simply love yoga and want to take part in a lively sangha such as this.   

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING - With completion of the mentorship program and all requirements, you will receive a certificate for this 250 hour program from Five Elements Yoga, signed by our hosts at You and the Mat, Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard. This certificate can be used to apply for a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher's certificate at Yoga Alliance if you wish to do so.   
This course lays the foundations for a skilled, creative and respectful yoga teaching career whether you are interested in certificates or not. Although this course complies with all the Yoga Alliance guidelines, we are not interested in simply fulfilling requirements at Panca Bhuta Yoga. We wish to support the evolution of a new generation of teachers who think out of the box while respecting tradition, teachers who cultivate their own voice and at the same time seek to support yoga community, sound ecology and deep practice wherever they teach or work.   


  • A minimum two years of practice, which includes studying in a studio setting

  • Attendance at Richard's or Mary's (preferably both) classes/workshops prior to applying.

  • Ability to attend all dates. 80% attendance required and only emergency situations accepted for absence from class. Makeup requirements are severe and may incur further costs to the participant depending on sections missed.

  • Ability to complete all requirements by Spring 2021. In emergency circumstances an extension may be allowed until June, 2021. For those wanting a teaching credential, you will need to complete a practicum project and give an anatomy and philosophy presentation along with mentorship requirements.

  • We reserve the right to not give a certificate at the end of the program even if all requirements are completed if we feel you need more study or mentorship. Or, in very rare cases, if you are not a suitable candidate to teach yoga.

  • Payment in full by one month prior to beginning of the course. Early Bird fee, by 6/9/20 will be announced when the course and all details of fee and dates are confirmed. A payment plan in two parts exists, on request, but payment needs to be fulfilled by one month prior to beginning of the course. A very small number of partial scholarships are available to those working in diverse communities and of lower income. See scholarship section.

  • A commitment to a daily practice of a minimum of 45 minutes and to evolving the essential self and planetary care that one needs to make yoga a life not just a path or a practice. Do not consider applying to this course unless you want to deepen your practice and are willing to do a daily practice. Richard and Mary do not consider it safe or appropriate for teachers to teach without practicing regularly.
    The material on this course will be overwhelming unless you practice on a regular basis.

  • Ability to complete a listening assignment and some reading preparation for the course during the summer (approximately 20 hours).