"The dream team!  This training will be the best investment you can make for your practice/teaching!  Richard’s knowledge of alignment, pranayama, and yoga philosophy, combined with Mary’s sequencing, moving from the energetic body, and connection of yoga to the earth, will ground you with the means for lifelong yoga practice.  They both teach from a deep personal practice,with humor, humility, care for details of curriculum, and from the heart.  You can’t get any better!!!"  Patty Hirota-Cohen, Yoga Teacher - Graduate of Advanced Studies Program at Piedmont Yoga 2002, and Foundations in Yoga Graduate at Yoga Mendocino 2004.   


"Mary and Richard have been my teachers for many years.  My own teaching, and my own practice, would not be the same without them as my guides.  Together with the all-star lineup of teachers they have on board, Mary and Richard provide an opportunity to work with some of the best “true” yoga teachers, frankly, in the world.  They bring vast knowledge and experience in yoga asana, pranayama and philosophy.  I would not miss this opportunity to learn from the best.”  Perry Chattler, Certified Yoga Therapist, RYT500, C-IAYT.  Board of Veterans Yoga Project.


"It has been my great pleasure to study extensively with the lead Faculty for this new training program, Mary Paffard and Richard Rosen. Mary brings so much experience from her own deep practice of yoga and meditation, her unique and accessible style of teaching, loaded with creativity that I have never seen matched, and vast experience training yoga teachers. RIchard goes toe-to-toe with Mary when it comes to his personal deep yoga practice, exploration of the Yoga tradition and Pranayama, and the training of yoga teachers. He is an unparalleled scholar of the rich history of yoga, and one of the clearest presenters in any yoga teacher training I have ever attended or participated in."       Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT



"This roster of high-profile yoga teachers is an assemblage of some of the most humorous, humble and insightful individuals I have had the pleasure of learning from.  Not only will you learn how to skillfully share and teach yoga to others but you will also uncover your own profoundness.  If only I lived closer to Oakland CA, I would be at the doorstep of these teachers as much as I possibly could and without a doubt be enrolling in their 250hr Panca Bhuta yoga teacher training."  Elizabeth Emberley  Co-Director of Naada Yoga, Montreal, Canada.


"Since graduating from Piedmont Yoga Studio's Advanced Studies Program way back in 2003, I have been diligently trying to unpack and understand the profound pearls of wisdom imparted to us by our teachers. I've heard Richard Rosen's observation that "the heads of the femur bones are the keys to the universe" echo through my head, and it has brought me a tremendous amount of joy and inner spaciousness to finally be able to feel what he was describing all those years ago. Similarly, whenever I internally hear the whispers of Mary Paffard's voice reminding me that "twisting poses are more about cultivating a particular quality of being rather than achieving an outward shape," I am freed from the shackles of excess effort and my body unfolds with a sublime spontaneity. I know deep down that I am still just scratching the surface of their embodied knowledge, and I wish that I still lived in the Bay Area so that I could continue to study with them. But one thing is certain: if you are fortunate enough to be able to go through a teacher training with them, you will feel empowered as a student and explorer of yoga for the rest of your life."   Geoffrey Roniger, Teacher Trainer and Founder of Freret Street Yoga, New Orleans.


"Mary and Richard are amazing teachers with decades of experience and practice.  I discovered many layers of my body going through a teacher training program with Mary and Richard.
I am very happy that my first teacher training program was with a faculty that included Mary and Richard - the pioneers of yoga in the West."   Rulick Belorusets, yoga teacher and graduate of Piedmont Yoga trainings and Foundations in Yoga at Yoga Mendocino.


Fuller Digital Media - Cuba

Fuller Digital Media - Cuba

"For the last 18 years, I have thought to myself how fortunate I am that Richard and Mary lead teachers in my Teacher Training program. Their knowledge, critical thinking and integrity has inspired me for nearly 2 decades. There are still days in my practice where I hear their instruction and think about their sequencing. I can never thank them enough for the ways that they've shaped my practice and teaching. I wish you all had the opportunity to study with them the way that I did so many years ago. Wait. You do. Do everyone a favor and go for it."  Jason Crandell - Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer