Mary's Yoga for All program has a comprehensive 250-hour teacher training registered with Yoga Alliance and is perfectly suited for the way that Richard teaches, being an ideal vehicle for his vast knowledge and both of their creative explorations of yoga teaching and practice. These two teachers have worked in each others programs for decades and now, before they retire!, this invitation is a unique opportunity to bring their students and colleagues together for an intensive period of practice and study. This collaboration has created this program —Panca Bhuta Yoga under Yoga For All, Mary’s Yoga Alliance registered School

Yoga immersion allows one to examine one's life and deepen one's practice. In these turbulent cultural times, many of us need to step back and examine how we have been living and how we have been practicing, and to explore the yoga story in a more profound way and in supportive company. Teaching yoga is a powerful means to share your practice and brings clarity, health and possibility to many different communities. There are many teacher training programs but there are not so many well-trained, creative, community conscious yoga teachers!


Earth Element - Roots, Stability, Intention, Story, Tradition, Beginnings


The course is a-250 hour program that includes a minimum of 185 hours of contact time with core faculty and visiting teachers, 15 hours of observing, assisting and a practicum project, and 50 hours of mentorship. The core curriculum occurs in two intensives and in eight weekends. Each intensive is 30 hours, each weekend is 16 hours. The weekend hours are Fridays 3-8.30pm; Saturdays 1-6.30pm with occasional evening sanghas/presentations 7-8.30pm; Sundays 10.30am-5/5.30pm.

[See proposed structure and breakdown of typical weekend in Course Hours.]

The What of Elements
by Richard Rosen

You might wonder why we chose the elements to serve as the foundation of the course. These elements, naturally, aren’t the ones arranged by their atomic number on the periodic chart, like hydrogen and oxygen. The elements we’re working with are the five traditional Hindu elements (listed here from densest to subtlest): earth, water, fire, air, ether or space. According to a long tradition, these elements are the building blocks not only of the material world and the human body, but our everyday consciousness as well. The yogis use them as meditation “seeds” that, held in consciousness for specified time, allows them to penetrate into the hidden, subtle layers of existence, to alter their consciousness in significant ways, and most difficult for us to understand and accept, generate superhuman powers such as “traversing the sky,” what we’d call flying.    

Well, we don’t promise to have you soaring through the heavens under your own power by the end of the course. But we think it’s right fitting that we have an “elemental” framework for this “elemental” training. Our goal is –excuse the pun –elementary, and that is to have you looking at the world and yourself in new ways and with new insights, really not so much different than what the yogis have been up to for a thousand years. We’re quite excited by this opportunity work together one more time and share with you what we’ve learned, each of us, in over 60 years of study and practice.    


Water Element - Fluidity, Creativity, Confluence, Healing



  • Cultivating your own deep practice and study, and bringing the practice into all parts of life.

  • Exploring philosophy, ecology, Ayurveda, experiential anatomy, teaching methodology and asana, pranayama and meditation with experienced engaged teachers.

  • Attending all eight weekends and two Intensives. Eighty percent attendance required and only emergency situations accepted for absence from class. Makeup requirements are severe!! and may incur further costs to the participant depending on sections missed. An anatomy and philosophy presentation will be required of all students. This is a fun and informative requirement!

  • Cultivating a mentor/mentee relationship. (See Mentorship section) You are asked to attend 25 hours of classes/workshops with either RR or MP or both when you are fully registered for the program. You are also asked to attend a further 22 hours of classes with whomever you chose to be your mentor teacher for your assisting and observing hours. This can also be RR/MP but there is a list of approved mentor teachers to select from and who will communicate directly with core faculty and administration during the course. You will have three private sessions with your mentor during the program, arranged at your mutual convenience and paid for—as with your mentor classes—at the time of attendance. These sessions along with your assisting hours need to be completed by Spring 2021 when the core course is completed.

  • Completing a practicum project where you—voluntarily—teach a group for three sessions and video a minimum of 15 minutes of the last class with their permission. This will be collectively reviewed in our final March weekend.

  • Taking this journey into your personal lives and communities and/or teaching! and spreading the voice of yoga.


The course is structured around the elements (see Richard's comments above and Details section) and we ask you to bring a planetary awareness to this process and program. The first part of the course emphasizes personal practice, but from the beginning, we include teaching methodology whether you plan to teach or not.

Our substructure is formed around 40 basic poses, 10 study packages, and 10 sub-themes: Intention, Posture, Respiration, Evolution, Focus, Digestion, Balance, Expression, Diversity, Heart.

These topics along with questions relating to the topic and element will be explored through the poses, meditation, pranayama and asana, and the teaching of these poses. In each session the experiential anatomy and the philosophy are integrated into the overall themes and questions.

The majority of the contact hours are with RR and MP. Please see the About Us page for information about the extraordinary team of adjunct faculty we have brought together to help bring this program to you.

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Fire Element - Enthusiasm, Energy, Tapas, Agni