Partial Registrations or Modules


Panca Bhuta YoGA Immersion OPTIONS

9/25 Update - Please Note: Our training is now in session and only certain parts of the program are still open. Richard Rosen’s Philosophy Course and Judith Lasater’s Workshop can be still registered for through You and the Mat. Individual weekends (see below) if space exists require applicants to contact PBY directly through the contact page.

EVERYONE is welcome to the FREE Super Sangha sessions on some Saturday evenings. These are events focusing on a theme in a more social setting that everyone can participate in. No need to register, just show up and bring a friend!

Super Sangha 10/13 7pm 7-8.30pm “Don’t Even Think About It!”  -  The challenges of Climate Change and the Tapas of Activism. Presentation by MP and others, followed by informal discussion to inspire collective Tapas! 

Super Sangha 11/10 7pm Info soon re topic

Super Sangha 12/15 7pm   Inclusivity in Yoga - Panel Discussion – Details to follow

As of 8/13/18, PBY will be accepting partial registrations for certain parts of the program.  We encourage anyone who wishes to see this program as an Immersion rather than a Teacher Training to consider doing the whole program, for a much deeper and richer educational experience.  However if you are not able to commit to the entire program, you may want to consider some of the following possibilities.  The first section of courses can be registered for directly with You and the Mat.   The second section needs to be registered via PBY and an initial enquiry by email sent to PBY via our contact page.  Only students and teachers that the core faculty knows will be accepted into second section programs.


Richard's Philosophy Course based on his book Yoga FAQ - 20+ hours - Sunday Ams   More Info

Chanting Course with Ann Dyer  6 hours 9/16 and 11/11  1.45 - 4.45pm
Contact studio for more information and to register go to this link.

Judith Lasater  10/27 1-5pm  The Sacred Bone: Positioning the Sacrum in Active and Restorative Asana 
Contact studio for more information

Experiential Anatomy Course with Michelle Marlahan (4 hours) and Traci Joy Burleigh (14 hours)  Friday Evenings  More Info  

SECTION 2:  Registration through PBY by email enquiry

Advanced Asana Sessions Based on Themes of the Weekends taught by Mary or Richard, with whoever is not teaching, assisting. 
Saturdays 1-3.30pm 9/15; 9/29; 10/13; 11/10; 12/1; 12/15.  
$300/360 after 8/31   -   More info here and by contacting PBY

Weekends:  If you have studied with Mary or Richard, and preferably are a teacher or have completed a teacher-training program, you are invited to attend individual weekend workshops between 9/14 and 12/16. It is not possible to attend only one part of the weekend or to attend the 4 day intensives or final weekend in March 2019. We ask for your full participation in the weekend, reading the preparatory material where relevant and being engaged in the teaching methodology whether you teach, wish to teach or simply are seeing this as an opportunity to be with a lively, engaged sangha and deepen your practice.  Each weekend is 16 hours of tuition.

You may be able to register for the 7 weekends between 9/14 and 12/16 or for one/multiple weekends.  Contact PBY for an updated overview of the course and explain why you would like to attend the weekend/s.  Fees range from $300 for a weekend to $1600 for the 7 weekends from 9/14 - 12/16.  Weekend #6 Oct 26-28, with the special workshop with Judith Lasater is $350.  

Sample Weekend Schedule

Revised Overview of Panca Bhuta Yoga