Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet:  "I would like to beg you to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves."


Over the years of teaching and training teachers, we have seen many yoga programs come and go.   Out of these programs the ones that create serious, exciting, kindly and skilled teachers are ones - usually - that have a mentorship component.  In these days of studio yoga, when convenience is the "guru", we are sometimes factory producing teachers in systematized forms of yoga.  The ancient lineage of apprenticeship and working alongside a more mature teacher for a long period of time has disappeared.  In Mary's programs from which Panca Bhuta Yoga has arisen, there has always been a strong mentorship component and this has helped create some very fine teachers.   We do not pretend that what we are including here is a traditional apprenticeship but we are asking you to cultivate a relationship with a teacher who can truly support your evolution,  someone who you get to know through attending classes and workshops during the program and with whom we already have a relationship with.  

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WITH RICHARD and MARY: You are asked to attend 25 hours of classes/workshops with either RR or MP or both between Summer 2020 or any time from that point on when you are fully registered for the program, until March 2021.   You will be asked to keep a record of these hours in a special form and have them signed off by RR/MP.  

WITH APPROVED MENTOR TEACHER:  You are also asked to attend a further 22 hours of classes with whomever you chose to be your mentor teacher for your assisting and observing hours (minimum 5-10 hours).  This can also be with RR/MP but there is a list below of approved mentor teachers to select from and who will communicate directly with core faculty and administration during the course.  You will have 3 private sessions with your mentor during the program, arranged at your mutual convenience and paid for - as with all your mentor classes - at the time of attendance.  These sessions along with your assisting hours need to be completed by March 2021.  Extensions to this requirement until 6/9/2021 will only be given in an emergency situation.  You will be asked to keep a record of these hours in a special form and have them signed off by your mentor teacher along with your assisting/observing hours.

For many this relationship helps support a new teacher or serious yogi for months and even years to come.   For all in the program, it provides a connection with someone you respect, someone you can bring questions to, and can develop the necessary relationship that you will need, to be able to watch them teach and to assist them when appropriate.   We agree with Rilke!   The questions will abound and need to be loved in themselves, but it is also very helpful to have someone beyond the core curriculum teachers to discuss issues that arise in your personal practice and in teaching.  

If we have many who wish to mentor with RR/MP, we may arrange 3 small group checkin times that will be paid for by the group collectively.   

Costs:   Beyond the cost for the 3 private sessions and assisting and observing hours, which will depend on the individual teacher's fee per session/s,  the mentorship classes need to be seen in the context of your regular class attendance.   For some this will mean, they simply continue with their regular classes with Richard or myself, and they arrange these extra sessions as works with their schedules.   Private classes are usually in the range of $100 per hour +.   We ask students to offer to pay for the opportunity to assist/observe and this is entirely unto the mentor teacher what they charge for these 5-10 hours.  

For others, they will need to find opportunities to attend classes/workshops that work in their schedules and the costs depend on the studio/teacher, and could range from $12 - 20+ for a 1.5 - 2 hour class.  Estimated cost of 47 hours of classes would be in the range of 500-700.   Workshops are usually more expensive $15 - 25 per hour but the advantage is that these are immersive experiences and sometimes work better for the evolving relationship between student and teacher.   



Richard Rosen  Oakland and Berkeley
- National and International Workshops 

Mary Paffard   Mendocino and Sonoma Counties
- Workshops in Sacramento and Bay Area and Internationally 

At You and the Mat:

Annie Carpenter

Vickie Bell

Yoko Yoshikawa

Leslie Howard

Joann Lyons

In the Bay Area:

Ann Dyer - Oakland

Gia Bedell - Pleasanton

Jill Satterfield - Berkeley

Barbara Voinar - Berkeley

Traci Joy Burleigh - San Francisco

Jason Crandell - San Francisco

Tony Briggs - Marin 

Perry Chattler - Oakland

And Beyond:

Michelle Marlahan - Sacramento

Rebecca Dennis  - Escondido/San Diego