JuLY 22nd 6.30- 8pm - Information session

Join us for a 45 minute class (free!) with Richard and Mary, followed by an overview of the program and time for questions and answers.
This event will occur at the temporary home of You and the Mat, 4250 Piedmont Avenue, 94611. Please pre-register for this event, if at all possible, on You and the Mat website at this link.

This type of session can be very helpful (but in no way essential) in giving an overall impression of the program and teachers and having time to ask questions and hear the responses live! If you are already committed to the program, we still encourage you to join us and meet others who are in the process of considering this commitment.

As of June 15th, we are two/thirds full.   So you are advised to get your application in as soon as possible if you want to join the wonderful crew of participants, faculty - core and visiting, and mentor teachers that are coming together for a unique yoga educational experience and sangha

. Apply here