Core Teachers

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richard Rosen

I took my first yoga class at the old Yoga Room on College Avenue in Berkeley. This was May, 1980, and in those days in the East Bay you had maybe two or three choices of schools, much, much different than the dozens of choices available nowadays. After two years I decided (for reasons I’ve now forgotten) to enrol in the teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco. That was a two year program that took me about three years to finish. Two years later my good friend Rod Yee (who was my classmate at IYI) and I opened a yoga school on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, and so the Piedmont Yoga Studio was born in March, 1987. We had a good run for over a quarter-century before closing up shop in 2014. 
    I’ve now been teaching full time for 31 years (as I write this in 2018). During that time I’ve been fortunate enough to write five books and countless articles on yoga, mostly for Yoga Journal, for which I’m a contributing editor. I’m also very proud to be the president of the board of directors of Yoga Dana Foundation, which provides grants to yoga teachers working with typically underserved populations in places like prisons, homeless shelters, low-income health clinics, juvenile halls, military veteran centers, and centers for people with disabilities. For more information, please visit my website at


Mary paffard

I was dragged kicking and chain-smoking to my first yoga class in the early 70s in London. It was by no means love at first sight! but it was the first time I could remember feeling the possibility that head, heart and body may all be part of the same continuum. Since then, I share my passion for, and explorations of, yoga and vipassna meditation, in classes, workshops and teacher training programs nationally and internationally, and in online programs.

As Director of Teacher Training at Yoga Mendocino, Ukiah California from 2000-2010, I co-founded this non profit center and have created teachers programs for training and “un-training”! since the mid 90s. My school Yoga for All, registered at the 200-hour and 300-hour Advanced level at Yoga Alliance, has held trainings locally and in Mexico and Cuba, where I have supported and collaborated with the local yoga communities there for 20 years

Having lived off-the-grid on a collective apple farm for 35 years in Northern California, yoga is an organic ecological process for me! Trained as an art teacher in years gone by, I enjoy bringing both the inspirations of poets, artists and wise thinkers of this era into my practice. I believe seeing this planetary body as not separate from that which I bring to the mat and zafu as key to an engaging and humbling spiritual conversation. For more information, please see my website at

Adjunct Faculty to be confirmed!


2018/2019 Guest Faculty Information: This information will be revised in Fall 2019.

We are delighted to announce that Judith Lasater will each teach a one day workshop as part of this training, and Ann Dyer will be bringing chanting into our time together on 2 separate occasions.  JoAnn Lyons will be sharing her extraordinary experience working with students with disabilities and special needs.   Patricia Sullivan will be bringing her yoga story and its connection to postural therapy through the Egoscue® method into our last intensive.  Cyd Bernstein will be introducing Ayurveda in 2 sessions during our program to encourage self care and a broader perspective on wellness. 
Let us also introduce our amazing experiential anatomy teachers: Traci Joy Burleigh from San Francisco, will be with us for most Friday evenings on our weekend sessions, and Michelle Marlahan from Sacramento will be guiding our overview and review in our Intensive gatherings.  
The majority of the hours of the training (a minimum of 140 hours) will be shared between Richard and Mary as we believe that this creates the consistency and containment necessary for a vibrant program to evolve.  See our mentorship page for the exciting options to work with experienced teachers during this program, who will help support the work you are engaged in with the core faculty.  
And if it would be helpful to hear from prior students - who are now respected colleagues -  please see some comments from teachers who trained with Richard and Mary in the past at our Past Students Say... page.