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Panca Bhuta YogA
250-hour Teacher Training and Yoga ImmersioN Exploring the Five Elements

"The dream team! This training will be the best investment you can make for your practice/teaching! Richard’s knowledge of alignment, pranayama, and yoga philosophy, combined with Mary’s sequencing, moving from the energetic body, and connection of yoga to the earth, will ground you with the means for lifelong yoga practice.  They both teach from a deep personal practice, with humor, humility, care for details of curriculum, and from the heart. You can’t get any better!!!" Patty Hirota-Cohen, Yoga Teacher - Graduate of Advanced Studies Program at Piedmont Yoga 2002, and Foundations Graduate at Yoga Mendocino 2004. More comments from students and colleagues at this link.  

Twelve minute chat between Richard and Mary prior to the 2018-2019 program:

Panca Bhuta Yoga is a special opportunity to study with Richard Rosen and Mary Paffard. These two teachers have collaborated on trainings and yoga programs for over two decades and look forward to bringing a lively sangha of yoga practitioners together to evolve their own practice, share this practice with others and explore the art and science of yoga in a 21st century context. Between them, Mary and Richard have more than 60 years of teaching experience.

This unique Yoga Immersion and 250-Hour Training may occur again in the Oakland area, Fall 2020 - Spring 2021. Contact us if you are interested.

Mary and Richard invite you to join them for this 250-hour training based on yoga’s five traditional elements. Each will serve as a month-long focus, each contributing an essential quality to your practice on and off the mat: EARTH for stability, WATER for fluidity, FIRE for enthusiasm, AIR for lightness, and ETHER for spaciousness. 

This course can be taken to deepen your understanding of yoga. It will also give you the essential ingredients to be able to teach basic classes and graduates are eligible to apply for the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher certification at the 200 hour level.  Experienced teachers may consider this course as a way of reviewing and revitalizing their teaching and their practice.

The course will includes

  • Two four-day Intensives

  • Seven weekends between early September and mid December, 2020: 3pm Fridays–5pm Sundays

  • One final weekend review Early March 2021

The core curriculum will be taught between early September 2020 and mid January 2021. Requirements, which include assisting and observing and a mentorship program, can be completed between registration for the program and 3/1/19. 


  • Basic fee to be confirmed in Fall 2019.

  • Fifty hours of class/workshop attendance and mentorship with RR or MP and selected approved colleagues, completed between Summer 2020 and Spring 2021 are paid for separately and as arranged. See Outline and Mentorship Page for more mentorship info.

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